Release Notes CAS 3.6

Effective Date for Price Lists

The effective date found for a price list  is the date that the price list will be active from. Price lists that have a future date will be modifiable until the effective date. From the effective date  the most current price list will be active,  and won't be found for modification. Price lists can be used for updating a product price form a certain date forward. The price list drop down no longer includes expired price lists.

A merchant with merchandise that will be set a different price for part of the year, can create a price list to be effective the June 6, 2012, that list will be modifiable until it's effective date. From that date forward the new prices will be in effect and won't be able to modify that list. They can however, create a new list, or a Price Book  if they wish to be able to set the prices to be active and inactive.

Transaction Activity- Date

The date format has been updated from the European format (DD-MM-YYYY) to the US format (MM-DD-YYYY), on exchange transactions. This has been corrected to relieve any confusion of when the transactions occurred and to create conformity on how the report appears.

Merchants can use the transaction activity report to view past transaction from any location or date range. After generating a list of transaction the merchant can select the data and view a customer styled receipt for that transaction. This is also useful for manual sales in which a customer may need a receipt other than the committed sales receipt.

Inventory Adjustment Report

The adjustment report UI has been modified in 3.6 to allow users who run venue level reports to select a hybrid of stores and warehouses, previously you could only run a report of stores or of warehouses. This was included for merchants to have ease of usability and conformity of reports.

 Master Items Syntax

When cost is being modified from the master item screen a security pop verifies that the user would like to modify the cost. This message has been re-written for clarity. User will still be prompted for a user and password that has access to modify cost.

Automated Domain Enrollment

New merchant setup will be created automatically from the sign up form. This will allow for newly enrolled to be able to have almost instant access to their domain. Quickening the time it takes for a merchant to board and create the needed hierarchy.  The user name and domain name will be taken from the sign up form . Merchants will have access to training materials and tutorials while completing the quick setup.

Reinstall Downloads

On downloads, currently all transactions are downloaded into the POS register, beginning with 3.6 only the last 1000 transactions are included in the table. The number to include can be altered, as it is set at the application level in the system properties file, and adjusted there.

 This enhancement allows for easier and quicker downloads due to less data needing to be received by the POS.