Loyalty Program WinPOS


The loyalty program will allow you to award points for money spent or for units purchased. Award any point-to-dollar ratio you'd like.

On CAS, set up for the loyalty program is under the integration tab of the configuration menu. By default the program will be disabled. If disabled no points totals will be displayed on the emailed or printed receipts.


Transaction Screen:

Customers can join the loyalty program (if the loyalty program is enabled). when they make a purchase. 

If no existing record exists a popup box is displayed asking if the customer would like to be added to the loyalty program. If Customer says they want to join you select "YES" at which time the cashier is navigated to the add customer screen and the information is added and now the customer will get start to accumulate points.

If Customer does not want to join Loyalty Program you select "NO" and popup will disappear and you can complete the sale normally.

If Customer is already in your database and they will like to join Loyalty Program you select "Add to Existing" here you will be taken to the customer search screen and select the customer and add them to the Loyalty Program so they can start accumulating points.


Once Customer is added it will take you to the Transaction screen and your Customer will have a points box that will accumulate points according to the Store's Loyalty Program.


Those Loyalty Points will printed on the receipt and will be added to the Loyalty Points box.


Redeeming Points:

The customer must indicate to the cashier that points are to be redeemed, and when the transaction is processed the loyalty redemption code is selected.  The points needed for redemption will be validated at this time against the customer's total and then decremented upon conclusion of the transaction. 

You select 1 of the 3 options of Redeem Options and it will discount the amount according to what is enabled on CAS.

Once selected, the transaction will be discounted then you can complete the sale. The receipt will print and it will let you know how many points it deducted from your Customer.

Loyalty Prompt CAS:

Add Customer:


Redeem Points: