Release Notes POS 4.00.20

Total Items Sold Counter
In version 4.00.20, the transaction screen has the new addition of an item counter. This will calculate the number of items scanned and entered to allow an easy count of what the customer has purchased. When large purchases are rung up at the POS cashiers,  users can verify how many items need to be in the customer's bags or parcels. The item total also appears on the customers receipt.

CRM Builder
The "add to mailing list" prompt and customer tracking has been rebuilt and redefined, to operate as a CRM. Users will notice a redesign of the mailing list prompt in how it records information from credit and Dwolla transactions to be used as the customer record. This ease of adding customers will allow for a more complete customer database. With more complete data, the precision of the uses increases. Merchants can create targeted marketing campaigns to enhance their bottom line and make their customer feel like they are special.

Discount Combo Drop Down
The discount can now be entered using a scanned bar code or be manually entered  directly on the sales screen. This is useful for merchants who have a discount for members or use a bar code for the discount on their promotional material.