Demo Downloads

Click on the icon to download the demo executable and install it on any windows device with the following Minimum System Requirements. You can see a /wiki/spaces/FAQ/pages/39878658

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows OS ( Win 7)Minimum 40GB hard disk
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • LCD Touch Screen or Mouse
  • USB/PS2 Keyboard
  • Star or Epson Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • USB/PS2 Barcode Scanner




This full feature POS runs on most Android devices and includes the following features:
  • Sales, Refunds and Exchanges Transactions
  • Payment processing for Credit and Gift Cards as well as Checks and Cash.
  • Full Inventory Management 
  • A CRM module that allows for managing of mailing lists and customer histories
  • Basic Discount and Coupon Promotions
  • Digital Receipts and Signature Capture
  • Inventory & Sales Reporting Packages (12 reports)
  • Bring your Own Payment Processor
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Secure Anytime Anyplace Anywhere Accessibility to data
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Unlimited cashiers and up to 5 administrative users
  • Affordable solutions that are easy to use; its retail made simple



RetailCloud is offering its mobile POS (mPOS) software completely FREE (notice that there is no asterisk). This powerful application allows you to easily ring sales and track inventory, and has a powerful CRM engine built into it that allows you to handle gift cards (also at no fee) and build a profile for what inventory matches specific customer needs.

Big business solution at a great price.



retailcloud's mInventory application works on any Android device and allows the retailer to start adding and organizing inventory with the ease and convenience of using their own phone. Just scan the bar code with your phones camera and you are on your way. The mInventory application makes collecting initial inventory a breeze. Not only do you have your products in your mobile devices, but these items will be immediately sent to your backroom system. The device will show you what competitors are selling their products for which can be useful in staying ahead of the competition.


  • Scan the item, and get product information and pricing You can also enter your cost on the inventory item
  • Review the information returned to you, and edit any changes you wish to make and save it to your database. Also use this application to add classifications and attributes,
  • Need to import inventory? No problem generate a csv report and import it into your retailcloud portal