Release Notes CAS 3.6.4

The following are the Release Notes for CAS 3.6.4

Enhanced description field  

An additional field has been added to the Master Item called Enhanced Description, as well as adding the image of the item. These can be added on the Master Item screen or using a new import file (Expanded Item Details). This field has also been included as an option on the barcode labels (CAS only). 

The enhanced description field is used for ShopLocal in the product searches.


New - Multiple Item Discount

The ability to create a promotion using buy Q3 for $10 (when each item individually sells for $4) has been added. This enables the merchant to select items from an attribute or classification, select the quantity that need to be purchased to receive the discounted price, then select the sales price for the items. The user can also select a cost that the items must fall below to qualify for the promotion.

This is an effective promotional discount program option that is easily set up and implemented. The user can set the date ranges for the promotion.