Bar Code printing on a 2 x 1 roll paper

This guide is for printing bar codea on a Zebra 2844 printer using 2 x 1 rolls.  This will be a one time set up and once you configured the system  it will be set to print bar codes without needing further adjustments.

prerequisite:  Chrome Browser and Adobe reader.


1- Create a bar code label on CAS, using 1.5000 inch X 1.0000 inch as the label size.

2- Hit generate bar code label to see the bar code on the screen. Save the bar code label by clicking the save icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen.  


3- Open the save file using Adobe reader.  On the lower left hand corner, it will show the page size of the bar code label.  Use the size as a reference.  

4)  Hit the print button on the Adobe reader. Choose the bar code label printer, make sure "actual size" is checked and then go to properties.  Adjust the the size using the reference size of the bar code.   The width should be close to the reference size and the height should depend on how much gap is on the bottom of the bar code.  The more gap it has the smaller the number you should put(this require trial and error),  this will reduce the blank space and print the bar code without  unnecessary gaps.  The gap will be the reason that a blank bar code prints after a printed bar code.  

5-Print the bar code label.  The bar code label should be be centered and have no extra gap between prints.  

6- Go to Printer and Fax on Windows(Windows XP) -  and go to the properties of the bar code printer.   Set the size to the same value as when configuring the printer on the adobe reader.  Restart computer.

7- Once everything is set up,  you can directly print on CAS, the only setting that needs to be change is to unclick "fit to page"