CAS - Suspend Multiple Transactions

Suspended Transactions - CAS

From the registers transactions can be suspended and then later resumed or resumed from a different Register even in a different Venue or Store.

Ring up your sale as normal, apply any discounts or coupons - or even attach a customer then select Suspend on the top right corner of your Screen (Blue Icon).  This will now save the Open Transaction both on the POS and CAS.

Once the Customer is ready to finish the Sale - you can hit the Resume button right next to the Suspend button.  Within this pop-up you can resume using the Suspend ID, Suspend Date, etc. or resume the sale using the Customer Name or Amount.  You can also Resume a Sale from any register within your Domain so if a Customer was to have their Sale suspended on Register 1, they can go to Register 2 and complete their sale; you can also do the same from a different Store or Venue as well.


Suspended Sales can be accesed from CAS:

 Under Transactions > Sales>Suspended Transactions

The user can monitor the various suspended transactions at all locations and void the ones that are abandoned carts.