Release Notes CAS 3.5.16

Inventory Balance Report

The Inventory Balance Report has been updated to include from the drop down criteria: Report all items with non-zero inventory, Report only items with negative QOH, Report all items. This was modified to help merchant have a better understanding of their inventory needs.

A merchant can get a better understanding of their current inventory, by being able to filter out certain data such as: looking at which items are running out of stock,or moving faster than others; being able to view all positive quantity on hand items; or viewing all items to see a wider range of inventory. For items that are in negative qty, a merchant can determine if there is a higher need for those items, and be able to order accordingly. When viewing all positive items, a merchant can see how many are currently in stock, and if those items has been in stock for a long period of time or haven't moved as they would like; they could create a discount or promotion for those items.

Integrating CAS Builds

The decimal build and the integer build of CAS have been integrated together, to allow Merchants that need to be able to track inventory in decimal format to be on the same build and version as integer. With the decimal build merchants that need to be able to have inventory based on scales or partial amounts will now be able to calculate that on the decimal CAS build along with the Decimal POS build. So merchants that buy and sell in half or partial numbers, such as a bakery or meat market, can now track inventory and sales accordingly, with the most up to date version.

POS Unit Status Report

The POS status report, was modified to allow users the ability to check the status of all POS' allocated or non-allocated. This will allow a merchant to verify how many licenses they have downloaded, and which license are still available.