Release Notes POS 4.00.16

Z and ZZ Reports

An enhancement has been made to add Z Reports and ZZ Reports to the POS, allowing for the totals to be reset at the POS. Previously totals were "Z'ed" out at 4am. The current Daily Summary Report displays all data since the last Z Report. Running the Z report closes the bank and sync's the transactions. Additionally the ZZ report has been added that runs a Z Report, and prints a summary of all Z reports since the last ZZ Report. This function is useful for shift changes mid day to reset totals at the POS for the new cashier.

Essentially this will allow users to reset totals during a day and the run a consolidated ZZ report for the entire day

Z Report and ZZ Report

Pop up alert on Z and ZZ Reports

When the Z and ZZ Report buttons are pressed a pop up warning appears to confirm that the user wants to proceed (as totals are cleared when the reports are generated). This makes it so users are less likely to run the reports in error.

Customer records at POS

POS databases will now only contain customer records for customers created at the store and those who have done transactions at the POS. When a transaction is performed for a customer who is not in the POS database, the application will pull the information from the CAS and update the local database similar to the way items are handled. In the event that there is no ongoing internet connectivity and the pos needs to have all customer records a sync can be performed at the time of download and whenever connectivity is available to download all records. This feature has been modified to only have required customer data at the POS and to keep the size of the data file to a minimum.

Cash Drawer - Open screen revamped

The function of opening a cash drawer has had the screen redesigned for aesthetic enhancement.

Coupon Creation - Cannot push with abbreviated dollar entry

Entering the dollar amount of a coupon as "$XX." Now will push to the POS, previously the amount needed to be entered as "$XX" or "$XX.XX".

Printing Barcode Labels at the POS

Barcode labels can now be printed at the POS and not just through the CAS. This allows for flexibility and ease of use for customers where it's more convenient to print from the POS. please refer to the wiki for limitations.

Print Barcode Labels- POS

Tax Structure - Change in Minimum Tax Feature

An enhancement has been made to allow for a minimum taxable sales amount to apply to both tax 1 and tax 2. In states that have tax agencies which set their own minimum tax rates, this allows for different minimums to be applied to tax 1 and tax 2.

Gift Card Processors

For ease of use, a new tab has been created in the configuration>settings screen for Gift Card Processors. In this section the user selects their gift card processor from the drop down screen and proceeds to configure their settings.

Misc Cash

A new button has been added to the transaction tab called "Misc Cash". This replaces the Cash Payout button and incorporated both cash receipt and cash disbursement (Previously cash payout). Adding this button clarifies the cash in and cash out functions and includes a remarks section for the user to add their comments.

Cash Drawer opens for exchange transactions

The cash drawer now opens for all exchange transactions which include cash.