Release Notes CAS 3.5.11

Release Notes CAS 3.5.11

Simultaneous Multiple Venue Transfers

Merchandise transfers which occured simultaneously from different venues often had one of the transfers receive an error and needed to be re-initiated. This has been corrected so transfers queue up and process one after another.

Decimal CAS build

The decimal CAS has now been integrated to include the enhancements which have been made to the CAS.

Item Changes on the Master Item UI

Cost and price modifications made to a master item from the UI are now reflected in the item history table. Tracking of the change includes when the changes were made and by which user to create a stronger audit trail for changes made on the system.

Reorder Levels set for same day

When the start date and end date for the reorder level is set to the same day, an error message now appears stating that the range cannot be the same date.

Error Message Clarification

The error message which displays when a user enters a weak (non PCI compliant) password has been clarified so that the user has a better understanding of the weakness in the password.