Web Deploy

Setting up the Web Deploy

CAS Set Up

The system administrator needs to set up the virtual store and register to be used for the web store. The virtual store should be linked to the store or warehouse that the inventory will be drawn from.
  • Create a Virtual Store (CAS>Management>Hierarchy>Store>Virtual Store)
  • Create a POS (Configuration>POS>Register POS)
  • Create a Register and assign it to the Virtual Store (this will require a Web POS) (Management>Hierarchy>Register>Create Register) The Register ID that will be displayed will be used in the Web Store Set Up


  • Go to: http://me2dc.com:8080 (This will change)
  • Enter your retailcloud system admin credentials (deployment credentials):
    • Username
    • Password
    • Merchant Name
    • Register ID (use the register ID just created)



This is where initial settings are established for the web store. This is an one time option and cannot be accessed again. If future changes are needed the user must go to the Magento backend.
Part 1: Specify first level of menu structure - indicate what classification will be along the main menu bar (option department or category should be selected)
Option 2: Product categories to deploy - indicate the categories that will be available to deploy
Option 3: Select theme
Option 4: Check "Enable sync with CAS" to populate with inventory in CAS
Option 5: Email administrator - enter the email address of the user that will receive the confirmation email

Once all changes have been made, press "Start the installation".

This takes the user to the departments, categories, and sub categories to remove any that you do not want on the web store. When you click on the classification (departments are displayed first). Click on the department and remove any items you do not want in the web store.

So from this page you can remove and departments or categories you do not want in the web store and when you click on the specific department or category you can remove 



An email will be sent to the administrator email indicated.


From the confirmation email:

The email will include 2 URL LInks

1 - link to the web store

2 - link to the magento backend (set up Gateway, make modifications to what's been entered)


Classifications - delete the departments, classifications and subcategories that are not wanted to show up in the web store. "X" the ones to remove