Release Notes CAS 3.5.10

Release Notes CAS 3.5.10

Structure - Support TaxRate 1 and TaxRate 2 reporting on STS

In order to support the two tax rate system (with minimum taxable amounts) and report the taxes separately on the  Sales Tax Settlement Report, fields were added to the postransactiondetail table.

Master Item Screen - Item creation from Size Brick

From the Master Item Screen, related items can be created from the size brick. The user can create a block of items based on the item already created for each size in the size brick.  By clicking on the "Add size brick" option, all sizes in the size brick will be created and displayed in the popup box. The user can modify or delete an item or UPC as needed, then save.

Master Item Screen – Search Results

From the Master Item Screen, when a search is done for an item, the drop down displays show the name of the department, sub category and supplier (previously the ID number was displayed). This has made it easier for the user to identify the correct selection.

Master Item Screen – Item lookup capability

From the Master Item Screen, when a search is performed for an item, the user can look up the item quantity by using the "Item Look Up" button. The user has the option to select to display the inventory at each store under selected venue.

Removal of Temporary Merchant files

A process has been incorporated into the CAS so that temporary files will be permanently deleted once they have outlived their usefulness.

Admin – Merchant Creation Date

The merchant creation date as now being retained so it will be available to be used in reports as needed for future reporting enhancements.

Transaction Activity Report UI not populated if Registers are inactive

The transaction Activity Report is now available even for merchants with all of their registers inactive.

Modify Merchant Screen

As a CAS Admin user, when accessing the Modify Merchant UI, the screen's title is incorrectly showed as Create Merchant. This has been changed to reflect the correct function. The data to modify was also not populating the screen, thus the user was unable to modify any data.

Discount Summary Report: Consolidation by Venue and Store

When a user generates the discount summary report and selects to consolidate the results by venue or store, it displays the results for selected venue or store previously only the first venue/store populated the report).

Standardizing of Cost Reporting

Cost of Goods Sold previously pulled cost figures from different sources resulting in inconsistent reporting data. The cost source has now been standardized and cost will consistently be reflected in reports.

Reports Listing InventoryID Item

The hierarchy listing report for Item ID now includes additional data which includes itemID, UPC, Name, Cost, Selling Price, Department, category, sub category, style, color, size, vendor. This enhancement allows for a greater range of useful applications for the report.

POS Receipt Settings

Promotional messages can be included on sales receipts. This enhancement allows the retailer to add a message to all receipts for promotions or any message they want to convey to customers (size limit is 250 characters).

POS Printing bar code labels at POS

The user  has the option to print bar code labels from the POS. Adobe reader must be installed in order to use this feature.