Release Notes 3.6.3 CAS

Please refer to POS 4.00.21 release notes for additional enhancements


New Inventory Report:

Over Stocked and Under Stocked Report - Using a proprietary index, this report displays items targeted as over stocked or under stocked (determined by the report filter set). The retailer should use this as an indication of items that may need further attention.  

Customer Activity Report:

This report has been re-vamped (and re-named) to provided sales information on your customers. Filter by group, geographical, by date  - or other to produce sales data to use for many purposes, such as promotional marketing. You now have the ability to target just those customers you want to receive your message.

Recommended Items:

New and improved. The algorithm used to suggest recommended items has been refined to provide better results, resulting in a more successful match with your customers needs. Implement the recommended items feature to have an easy and effective aid in increasing sales.


RELEASE NOTES:  CAS Release 3.6.3

Brand / Season / Item Inventory ID Listing

Inventory listing reports can now be run for brand and seasons; also the item listing report has been expanded to provide more detail.

Currency Symbols

Each domain can set its default currency from the Company Information field on CAS.

Customer Activity Report

The same Customer Activity Report available on the POS is now available on CAS has been enhanced to support additional search criteria and the report output has been enhanced to include additional data. You can now run more target reports to identify which customer are most likely to buy new or Overstocked Items.

Customer Look Up Only Populated for Static Group

Customer can now be looked up by frequency categories; this allows you to identify your highest volume and margin customers for exclusive marketing programs. Use this in conjunction with the Price Book features to target your market.

Expansion of Attribute Analysis Report

The attribute analysis report has been changed to include GMROI, Stock Days and Inventory Turnover. Additional filters have been added as well. Use this report in conjunction with the new Overstocked and Understocked Report to identify what product lines are most profitable for you.

Expansion of Best Seller Report (Item Performance Report)

Additional features have been added so you can run the report by margin, GMROI or total sales. The report will also display markdown percentages and stock days.  You can also run this report for your Best Sellers or your Least Sellers.

Over Stocked and Under Stocked Report

This is a new report that helps you identify which items are Over Stocked and Under Stocked. The ranking of items is done using the retailcloud Stock Index which takes into consideration several data elements including selling price, cost of items, and inventory performance to identify your best performers. This feature will be enhanced by the In Store Promotional Marketing capabilities that will be released in future releases.

Recommended Items

The recommended items algorithm that makes suggestions based on what other customers have purchased has been enhanced to provide even more precise recommendations. Key to successfully implementing this is good category management and a large enough sample set. Use this with the CRM Builder for most effective results.


Sales reports are not able to be run for same day sales period (response is "No Data") - To run and capture same day period, sent the date range as previous date at 23:59:59 and end date as Next day at 01:00:00