Release Notes CAS 3.6.1

Release Notes CAS 3.6.1

Unit of Measurement Calculated on Receiving

When items are added to a Purchase Order that contain an unit of measurement, and then the items are received, the unit of measurement will be displayed on the individual units ordered. If one unit of measurement is a box that contains 10 individual units, the receiving will show 10 units and the cost will be reflected as for each unit. When ordering multiple boxes or cases the merchant will be able to determine the exact amount that has been ordered, and the cost for each item.

Test Mail Settings

On the mail server setup page, a button for test setting has been added, so that users can test the email settings entered. The test button will generate a test email that will be sent to the information entered. This will allow the user to be able to verify if the settings are correct.

There are many uses for having the mail server set up. Users can have the system generate email alerts for inventory levels, when employees passwords will expire, and be able to send emailed receipts from the Go Green option on the POS.

Service items available as speedkeys

Previously for an item to be set as a speedkey it would need quantity received to a location, excluding a service item. Speedkey has been updated to included service items without qty. These can be set the same as a store item in the speedkey menu (either at the POS or CAS).

Merchants that use service items will find that attaching it to a speedkey will be easier to find and ring up on the POS.

Dwolla set up on CAS

Dwolla has been added as a media tender (as an accepted form of payment for sales transactions). The acceptance of Dwolla is reflected in the CAS reporting so that Merchants that are accept Dwolla can track sales. The merchant needs to enable their Dwolla account on CAS, so they can begin accepting Dwolla as a payment type. 


Ajax programming has been added to the Item Look Up pop ups and screens. This will allow for a merchant to start typing and the system to search based on what has been entered amongst the items in the master item table. So merchants can shorten the amount of time used for searching items. They simple need to start typing in the item ID, UPC or description to bring up the items with the same characteristics.

 Log and Bug Tracking

A logging and bug tracking has been added to the CAS. This will allow users that are experiencing issues to select to Debug, and enable enhanced logging. Added detail is retained in the log to provide great detail of the transaction in question and enable the user to better identify the issue. The steps and log can be emailed to Retailcloud Support for further analysis to determine the issue.

12 digit UPCs in Master Item

In the master item screen the 12 digit auto-populate has been removed to allow merchants to create a shorter barcode without leading zeros. Merchants can use a user created barcode without having leading zeros for items. 

ShopLocal Integration

ShopLocal (Milo) service has been integrated into CAS 3.6.1. ShopLocal allows user to search for items based on the locations and amount of stock. CAS user will be able to integrate the systems inventory tracking into ShopLocal to give updated stock levels. This will allow customer to search for products within your locations and stores and be able to see how many you have in stock. Giving an edge for brick and mortar stores to compete with online merchants. Since the stores can provide the information on stock levels and compete with instant satisfaction of their customers

Coupon Report, Total Sold

Previously on CAS builds the Coupon Report column, Total Sold, would show the amount of that item sold with a line item coupon attached. It has been modified to show the total amount sold for the date range of the coupon, minus refunds. So Merchants can see entire amount of items sold for that item compared to the amount sold with a coupon attached.

Discount Expiration 

When a date range is set on a Discount code, and that date range has been met it will be unusable from the POS. So once a discount expires user will need to update the discount to continue using it, or it will be removed from the drop down menu. This will also clear up any old discounts current;y found on the POS that aren't in use.

Listings- Transaction ID 

Listings have been updated to provide more information on Coupon, Discounts, and Tax. They will include rates, dates, types, name, start and end when applied. These reports have been modified to include all the details, so merchants will be able track and maintain the database. Also merchant will be able to verify which coupons or discounts are active and which frequency they are set at.