Reseller Resources

 Reseller Resources


This page is used to provide information unique to the needs of a retailcloud reseller, all others are prohibited from using/accessing information contained here.

Marketing Material


Where to sign up for webinars:

All scheduled webinars can be viewed and signed up for at the following UR:


How to schedule a demo conducted by retailcloud for a merchant:

We have regularly scheduled demos - the schedule is available at

The system/POS demo is great for the reseller and merchant to attend to gain an understand of the features and options available. Our staff can also be scheduled for a one on one demo in cases where the pre-set times cannot work for the merchant. Contact for further information


How to demo the mPOS


How to demo the Tablet Application


How to demo the POS system

Demo Executable

Please reference the user guide section for any information you may have on installing java, mysql, etc. as needed to install this application