Release Notes POS 4.00.22

The Following are the release notes for the POS 4.00.22 



You can now also retain the date of birth in the customer record. This information can be used to send targeted promotions for those with a birthday coming up.



The sales transaction screen has the ability for the user to add items that have not previously been added to the system. This screen has now been expanded to allow the user to add all attributes and classifications and the cost of the item. The expanded attributes allow for the items created from the POS to be more fully created.  The more specific the information created for each item, allows for reports to more fully provide the results being sought.


Recommended items - enhanced

The algorithm used in the recommended items for “What others also purchased” has been refined to better reflect the most purchased items by those who also bought the item.

Studies have found that using this type of feature can greatly increase average transactions, making an easy way to add “MSIB” (More stuff in bag). Set up of this feature is done on the CAS under the Configuration tab.


reprint receipt from any pos

Receipts can now be reprinted from any POS in the Enterprise. This is useful when a customer is returning merchandise from a different location. The CAS search which pulls the receipt from different locations can only be done by store managers or supervisors.