September Feature Updates

 a few of the enhancements made available in September...

Print Custom Disclaimers on Sales Receipts

Disclaimers can be printed based on individual items sold,
which is ideal when an additional disclosure is needed.
The disclaimers are customized and can include a
signature line.

Converting products from raw material
Call us to activate the manufacturing capability to
track inventory lost in production.

Backups can be saved to your Dropbox
You have the ability to set your database backup not only to a
ftp or sftp site, but now you have the option of saving them to
your Dropbox account.

Special vendor access to CAS
Vendors have visibility to the inventory that they supply
to your store. This allows your vendor to make product
and inventory level recommendations, to better meet
the demands of your customers.


Activate ID Verification at the sales transaction

If you have certain classifications that are age specific,
you flag these items to enable a pop up to prompt for
the cashier to verify identification