Post Dated Price Lists

Overview -The Post dated price list allows a user to change the price, tax or discount level of multiple items and have them updated at some future date . The price list is broadcasted to the online POS machines and will go into effect when the time on the POS passes the "Effective Date".

Note: A price list cannot be created using the import for same day (as you cannot specify time on the import) - this must be set to a date in the future.

The effective date found for price list is the date that the price list will be active from. Price lists that have a future date will be modifiable until the effective date. From the effective date, the most current price list will be active, and won't be found for modification. Price lists can be used for updating a product price from a certain date forward. The price list drop down does not includes expired price lists.

A merchant with merchandise that will be set a different price for part of the year, can create a price list to be effective the June 1, 2012, that list will be modifiable until it's effective date. From that date forward the new prices will be in effect and the user won't be able to modify that list. They can however, create a new list, or Price Book;if they wish to be able to set the prices to be active and inactive.


Select an Effective Date for the price change. The price change goes into effect when the time on the POS matches this time.

Enter Name as given to this Price List, it must be unique from prior price list names. This is a mandatory field.

For each item that is to be updated, enter the UPC code of the item that is to be updated.

Enter the New Price of the item. This is a mandatory field.

Enter the New Tax if applicable, if left at "null' it will leave the current tax unchanged.

Enter the New Discount if applicable, if left at "null' it will leave the current price discount unchanged.

Click on Save to submit the price list. Before the price list can be recognized by the POS, the POS must be logged out and closed and then logged back in.

Note: Multiple price lists can be in effective at the same time, but items on the most current one will supersede previously created price list items, even if the effective date is still in effect.  

Access - Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, and warehouse general managers may modify cash drawer settings at Venues or Store assigned to them.