Release Notes POS 4.00.18

Release Notes POS 4.00.18

Recommended Items Enhancement (#1072)

The user now has the ability to create multiple Recommended Items which populate at the point of sale for cashiers to offer as suggested purchases to the customer.This enhancement allows for more options for the cashier to offer, resulting in the possibility of greater sales potential.

POS setup on Linux (#1057 & 1035)

The POS can now be setup on Linux and other operating systems. Previously to setting up on Linux was a manual process of creating tables, uploading the structure and data from a POS. An alternate, efficient means has now been instigated to streamline this process.

Verifying Refunds at Register (#997)

Sales made at all venues  (including manual sales) are now accessible from all registers for the processing of refunds.  When the transaction number is entered on a refund from any venue, this enhancement will populate the refund transaction screen with the items. This  allows for ease of refund and increased accuracy,as the sale is visible and the cashier can verify that the item being returned was part of the original sale.

Streamlining of POS logs (#821)

The POS logs have been enhanced to increase the usability and ease of identifying information within the logs. The logs have been re-titled for clarification and the data being logged has been changed to make them more efficient.

Decimal Server – Integrated Scale (#491)

A scale has been integrated into the grocery application to allow for the user to make sales based in the weight of  items (and not just on sales price). The addition of a scale to the application alows for retailers to easily ring up items that are sold by weight.