Release Notes CAS 3.5.14

Setup File Creation 

An enhancement has been created to allow for a register setup file to be downloaded as a zip file that includes transaction data for that register. This is useful in the instance of loss of internet connectivity as the register file can be taken from the data zip file from CAS and sent to the POS to update the data.

Reports- larger column for UPC

Previously, the space allocated for the UPC number on 5 reports (Inventory Balance Report, Periodic Sales Report, Discount Summary Report, Reorder Level Report and the package item list) was 12 digits. Longer UPC's carried over to the next line on generated reports and pdf's.  This enhancement allows for more space for the UPC on the reports for easier identification and readability.

Uniformity in Adjustment Receipts

Merchandise adjustment receipts are now formatted the same for both those generated on the UI and as an import. This creates uniformity regardless of how the adjustment was processed.

Purchase Order Total Cost

A bug was identified, where the 50th item entered on a purchase order is not included in the Item Total. The item is included in the PO, but is omitted from the sum on the report. Also, when the user tries to add more than 50 items without adding a page to accommodate the additional items, the additional items are not included in the Item Total. This had been corrected so all 50 items are included in the item total and when a user attempts to add more than 50 items without adding additional pages an alert message will be displayed.