Tip Adjustment - POS


Retail businesses that accept tips can now collect the tips on the POS system (for credit card transactions). When the tip feature is enabled, the credit card receipt will have a line for tip and the cashier can adjust the payment amount to include tip. A tip report is available on CAS


To enable Tip Adjustment - go to Configuration - Settings - Payment Gateway. Check the Tip Adjust box and save. 

Once Tip Adjustment is enabled, a Tip line will print on Credit Card Transactions, allowing the customer to add a tip to the sale. 


Tip Adjustment:

To add the tip amount to the credit card sale amount, it can be accessed in two places on the POS.

1) From the Sales Transaction screen - press Search. From this pop up locate the transaction and select Tip Adjustment.

2) You can access the tip adjustment by using a keyboard shortcut Alt+N.

By Search button:

When Search button is selected, the Tip can be added by Manually Entering the transaction number to Trans No. box. You can also scan the barcode on bottom of receipt to enter the transaction number. Once entered you select Tip Adjustment. Then you get the popup where you can enter the Tip Amount.

By Alt+N:

 When user selects ALT+N shortcut on keyboard a screen pops up where you can add the transaction number manually or scan the barcode on bottom of receipt. Once you enter Transaction number and select different field it will Automatically enter the Original Amount, then you will be able to add the Tip.


Once Tip is entered press Save.



Tip is only available on credit card transaction so if you try to enter a transaction number that is not a credit card transaction, it will not be allowed. It will give you an error.

Enabling Tip Adjust:

Tip Adjustment Screens:

Search Button: