Release Notes POS 4.00.19

Release Notes for POS Version 4.00.19

Dwolla as a Payment Option

Dwolla is a new payment network that works with your financial institution to offer a cheaper, safer, and overall better payment experience. Mercahnts can create a Dwolla account that will let Dwolla user pay via a transfer of funds. This is a secure and cost effective way to accept payment. Dwolla users can use smart phones and web browsers to pay for transactions at the register as simple as a cash transaction.

Merchants will notice that amongst the tenders that a spot for Dwolla has been added, so that they may easily access the feature. Dwolla is easy to set up.

Be on the innovation forefront. Your tech savvy customers will appreciate being able to use this cutting edge technology to pay for their merchandise and you, the retailer, will benefit from being able to say you are offering this new and innovation process. 

Auto Coupon- Start and End Time

Coupons created on the CAS have the abilty to be set to be active on a set frequency of monthly, weekly, and daily; along with the ability to set general use or item use. Coupons can be set to run automatically from the POS so that when the criteria is met the system will apply the active auto-coupon to sales on the POS.

Merchants when setting a coupon will notice that the system will show the end and start dates for the coupon set active, so that they can maintina which coupons are active, for promotions or sales.

Printed Gift Receipts

At the complete of a transaction, users will be prompted if they would like to print a gift receipt. The gift receipt will include transaction information and items, while excluding payment information. The gift receipt can be issued to customers that wish to have the option to return, using the refund verification, without giving the sales receipt. 

With refund verification , that only allows returns to be made with a coordinating transaction number to the items sold; making it faster to bring up transactions while adding security to return transactions. With the gift receipts you have the same ability to do returns, from the transaction number, by offering another service to your clientele, without losing security and speed at check out.

Current this feature is enabled via a toggle on the POS>Configuration>Settings>Transactions and upon activating, the cashier will be prompted for gift receipt on all sales. An enhancement is upcoming to enable per transaction, with the ability to select which items in the sale will be included in the gift receipt.

Company logos can be added to the POS system through the CAS company information screen. This logo will appear on all screens for the POS, while the store logo can be added to the store location under modify hierarchy. Store logo has been redesigned to print on POS sales receipts and save locally to system image folder. So merchants that choose to include a store logo on the receipts can now insert an image (200x60 pixels) and have that print on sales receipts, with the header and footer information.
Adding an image to the POS gives a professional and personal integration with the POS. It allows you to personalize the software for your company. Most company logos are found on any type set or business card; this will help create brand recognition for your business with it found on your merchandise receipts.

Settings Not Found for Payment Gateway

When using the POS without Payment Gateway Settings, the system would not let users navigate to the credit card payment details screen. Now when settings are not found, an error message will direct the user that settings need to be entered on the system to continue with a credit card sale.

Duplicates In Drop Downs

Duplicate Classifications that have been created and saved on the CAS, will appear as duplicates in the drop down fields under item creation and item lookup. User will be able to add and create items to the duplicate named classifications.

Debug Mode

Added to the POS Configurations screen, there is an option to Debug the logs for a ten minute window. This provides enhanced logging (showing more details), so additional information to help resolve an issue is provided to the user. The logs effected are JMS, POS, and Track. Debug will record enhanced activity for that window of time, besides just error messages, so that user will be able to replicate issues and have a clear log file of what is happening.

Merchants using Debug will be able to become familiar with the logging system and how it can resolve many issues.