POS - ID Verification Popup

With the new ID verification feature the cashier will be prompted to check the Customer's Age when they are buying stuff like Alcohol, Cigarettes, etc.

This is a Great new feature for convenience stores.

The system Admin would set it up on CAS and select which Classification (Department, Category, Subcategory) they want flagged. Which means every item in that Classification once its scanned into the transaction screen it will prompt you with the message shown on the right


ID Type: You can select Drivers License, Passport, or Other

ID Number: Number associated with the ID

Date of Birth: Enter the date of birth of the customer to see it they are old enough to purchase..

If you check "Not Needed" means the customer looks old enough and you didn't need to see their ID to verify their age

If you check "Viewed" you are telling you verified the ID by looking and it was OK

If you check "Do not prompt me for the rest of this Transaction" the cashier is telling the POS to not prompt him anymore until the transaction is rung out.

If you don't check "Do not prompt me for the rest of this Transaction" and scan in another item that is flagged the prompt will keep popping up.

If you click the "X" it will remove the items from the transactions screen.