Release Notes CAS 3.7.5


Release Notes CAS 3.7.5

Configuration - Emailing Settings

We recommend that email settings are enabled so that you can take advantage of some great features. Be able to generate email receipts, customers will appreciate the convenience of this feature. Email  automatic notifications to employees before their passwords expire, and best of all, generate email notifications when important transactions occur.

The configuration of email settings has now been make more user friendly and can be set up in a few seconds.

Configuration - Dropbox for Backups

We all realize the importance of scheduling a backup of your database. We have now made it more convenient to store the backups and retrieve the information when needed, by using a dropbox. The dropbox is easy to set up and is available for a nominal setup fee ($20) and a $5.95 monthly maintenance fee. This is a small price for knowing that a backup will be available if disaster strikes and data is lost. Take the backup, restoring it, and you are back up and running before your first customer arrives.

Inventory – Manufacturing Goods

Are the items you sell comprised of raw material that must be added up to determine the cost? We now have the ability to use the cost and quantities of the raw material to determine the cost of your inventory. You can now reorder based on your use of this raw material to determine what needs to be restocked.

Utilities – Redesigned Sync Page

Now that looks nice! For the rare occasion where you need to sync the POS data with CAS, the page has been redesigned to make it a quick, easy to complete action.

Management – Verify ID Prompt

You now have the ability to select certain items to prompted at the sales screen – reminding the cashier to verify the customer’s  ID.  Great new feature for convenience stores.

Management – Another Tax Rate Option

Your business is often required to charge sales tax in creative ways – no longer do municipalities just collect tax on the full sales amount. Some areas must tax on amounts over a base amount or up to a ceiling only. The system now has even more options to make sure that you are able to tax every item correctly.

Utilities – Imports tab is renamed

You know who you are… You have mastered the import functions. We consider you a power user and the tab now reflected your status. The tab is now called Advanced User Imports.

Reports – Attribute Analysis Report New Consolidation

The Attribute Analysis Report can be utilized as a component of your overall category management. Category performance analysis provides insight into merchandise performance by department, category, subcategory and vendor. Product and store managers analyze sales performance to understand which products and categories are selling well and which are selling poorly, as well as to identify the attributes of high and low performers. We have added a consolidation of store and venue in addition to the classifications and attributes you have become accustom to using.