Minor Enhancements – Small changes make life easier:

1)     You are now able to view clocked in employees who have not clocked out yet, on the Modify Time Card screen. This provides the payroll employee additional information on their personnel.

2)     The Welcome Message has been enhanced when you log into CAS. This is shown when you do not have dashboard settings enabled.

3)     On CAS using the configuration tab, access to set up features have been moved under titles that are more applicable. Such as setting up your email settings so that you can provide Go Green digital receipts to your customers and get email alerts has been moved under Company Settings.

Enhancement to the user experience:

For customers who have not enables premium features such as Time and Attendance, Recommended items, CRM History, Loyalty Program. These can be enabled from the Company Settings tab under Configurations.

You are a System Administrator and have forgotten your password… This has now been streamlines so that a temporary password can be sent to their email address so they are back in control of their business quickly.

For our larger resellers that handle the back end merchant creation, we have enhanced the UI to have all set up on one page. Also, for those who enroll many merchants at one time, we have incorporated the ability to import the On Board Set up.