Release Notes for CAS 3.7.1 Notes

Release Notes for CAS Release 3.7.1

Enhancement – Ability to add new Classifications and Attributes from the modify item Screen

The user can now add a new classification or attribute while in the screen for modifying an item. This simplifies the process for updating and changing information on an item, where the user can accomplish both tasks at the same time.


Enhancement – Supporting Merchandise Receiving from the POS

A recent POS release allows for merchandise to be received directly to the POS. This is especially useful for smaller retailers that can quickly scan the merchandise and get the items immediately onto the sales floor. This reduces the time spent on incoming shipments and allows for new merchandise to be available for your customers as quickly as possible, hopefully shorting the turnover rate as well as enhancing the customer experience as they see what’s new.  The CAS enhancement allows the merchandise received at the POS to be reflected in all relevant reports and functions. 


Bug – Item search for Brand and Season

The brand and season can be added to all items to enable to retailer to better analyze their merchandises attributes and determine inventory management strategies. From the Master Item screen, there was a bug when displaying existing brands and season from the drop down selection, which has now been corrected.


Bug – Initiating Transfers

An error occasionally occurred during the initiating of a transfer, which did not allow the transfer to complete. This has now been corrected.