Release Notes CAS 3.7

Release Notes for CAS Release 3.7

Imports – New Import File Manual Sales (POS)

A new import has been created to allow the user to import manual sales and the sales will be applied similar to a sale on the POS. Our previous manual sales import was designed to close out sales from a temporary event, this import will treat the sale as a normal sales transaction.


Imports – Confirmation Messages

When an import file is sent, a status bar is now displayed which shows that the sending of the import file is being processed. For failed imports, the error messages have been enhanced to provide better clarification as to the issue so the user can correct the error and successfully resubmit the import file.


Multiple Suspended Transactions

The system now allows sales to be suspended at one register and resumed at another register within the store or even from another venue. From the CAS, the user can view outstanding suspended transactions.


New Sales Tax Option

A new sales tax option has been added for the tax scenario where tax is to be applied on an amount over a minimum sales amount. An example is where tax is due on the sales amount on apparel over $175 (under $175 the sale is not taxable). The system now supports applying the tax on only the sales amount over the set amount.


Bug – Sales Summary Report

The Sales Summary Report was reporting “No Data” when the sales and returns net out to $0 for the date range selected. This bug has been corrected so the sales are now reporting as the net $0 when all sales and refunds net out.