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In online mode, transactions and inventory will be updated on CAS as soon as a sales transaction occurs. In the offline mode, or non-availability of connectivity, updating will take place once connected with the server. In case of standalone mode, transactions and inventory data will be updated once the files are imported from the POS unit.

Access the Open Ring (also know as the General Item) by entering "0" in the Scan item box or from the Speed Keys General Item is a default setting. This will display the General Item to complete a sale with a non inventory item



The following operations can be performed at this screen.

 Cash , Credit , Debit , Check and Gift Card sales - as well as Prepaid/layaway or Store Credit.  

Also the Return function , Finding a Customer , displaying a transaction with the Select Receipt function, Searching for Receipt , Add / Modify Item , Adding a Customer , performing a transaction through the Speed Key , or Quick Pick , checking QOH at Store and Venue level, or either Activiate ,

Other functions:  

  • Suspend and resume a transaction
  • GO Green to email customer receipts
  • Add a Salesperson to a sale.
  • Add a Fee to a sale
  • Serial numbers can be assigned to items and when the item is sold the cashier will be prompted to enter the serial number of the item (and any other mandatory information specified on CAS). Serial numbers can be used as Always required, sometimes required, or not required - this is set at the item or classification level.
  • Use the Prompt for Receipt Print to confirm whether or not to print a receipt for your customer.
  • If multiple items have the same UPC and one of the items is rung up, a pop up is displayed with all of the items with that UPC - select the one you want to sell. Click on this link for more info Multiple UPC's 
  • Item images are now displaying on Transactions screen, so when you are adding item, attach a picture and it will appear when item is being rung up.

NOTE: Some features mentioned are Premium features that may only be available with an upgraded application. Please inquiry at 

  • There is also a Help Screen available by pressing Alt H.

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