Release Notes for POS 4.1.03

Installation using a set up file – Status Bar

We have added a progress bar to be displayed when a register is downloaded using a set up file. This will enable the user to have a gauge as to the completion status of the download.

New Payment Gateway - Paygistix

We welcome the newest addition to our certified payment gateways, Payment Logistics integrated product called Paygistix. Paygistix is easy to use and offers yet another great option for the merchant to integrate their payment processing into the retailcloud system. Paygistix Gateway is compatible with our POS, tablet, and mobile phone application.

Sales Transaction Screen- Easy Void

We have simplified removing items from the sales transaction. You can now drag the item into the trash.

Redesigned Utility Tab Sync

The syncing of data is  now bi-directional - you can chose to sync your POS data to CAS or vice versa. The Sync page has also been redesigned to remove unnecessary options.  


Pole Display - Further enhanced

Many areas require retail merchants to use a pole display so the customer knows prices being sold. Our system has always supported a pole display but now enhancements have been made to provide cleared information to the customer.

You dont currently have a customer facing pole display? Be sure to get one from your equipment provider. 

ID Verification Pop Up

For businesses that want to verify age on the sale of certain items - we have added an age verification pop up - which can be flagged on classifications. This makes an easy reminder for the cashier to ask for identification when certain items are sold. 

Open Bank - Mode

In our last release, we enhanced the application so that the open bank function will be accessed automatically when the user opens the sales transaction screen. This saves time when a customer is ready to ring up their sale and the bank has not been opened for the day.

This feature has been further enhanced, to now open the bank in the bank mode selected for the store (not only simple mode, but modified and detailed modes are also available).