Release Notes for POS Version 4.1.01

POS Quick Pick

An enhancement has been made to allow for the cashier to have an additional level of pre-defined customizable speed keys for ringing up sale quicker and easier. The Quick Pick is set up on the POS and will provide up to 108 additional items to the cashier for a quick sale without needing to scan the barcode.

This is especially useful when a rapid check out is needed such as in a market or convenience store.

Price, Discount, and Coupon can be set at “0”

An enhancement has been made to allow for the price of an item, a discount percent, or a coupon amount to be set at zero “0”. A pop up will be displayed asking the cashier for the amount to be used. This is a handy feature for businesses where certain items are often priced differently.

New Currency Buttons

On cash sales, the currency buttons have been enhanced to allow for a quicker completion of the sale.

Vendor name is no longer required on items

Items can now be created without entering a vendor/supplier name. This allows for more flexibility for those users that do not distinguish between vendors and are not using this field to track or monitor sales or inventory. Including a vendor as information on each item in the system is now optional.

Price and information is now editable from the POS

From the sales screen the user can permanently change the price and other information on items. This allows for users who notice an incorrect price on an item to quick make the adjustment directly on the POS.

Disclaimer can be set by sub category

The system now has the ability to print a disclaimer on receipts by sub category. The user would select the sub category and add the disclaimer message (up to 250 characters). When an item is sold from this sub category a disclaimer will be printed on the sales receipt. A signature line can be added so the customer can attest to the statement.

This feature is helpful when groups of items in inventory require additional disclosures at the sale.

Refactored Recommended Items

The screen where recommended items are displayed for the cashier has been redesigned for easier readability. The cashier can also select multiple items for sale to the customer.

Password Management

Enhancements have been made to aid in password management. As required for PCI compliance, user passwords expire every 90 days, but now the password can be changed directly on the POS. The user no longer needs to access CAS to perform this function.

Norse Integration

We welcome Norse as the newest payment gateway to be integrated into our application. As with the other payment gateways, credentials can be entered on CAS or the POS.