Release Notes for POS Version 4.1

Release Notes for POS 4.1

Serial Numbers for Items

Items in your inventory can have a serial number attached to them to allow for more detailed tracking of these items.  This can be used to identify more expensive items like antiques, computers, electronics, automobiles, and jewelry. Serial numbers also allow you to keep detailed records about an item’s warranty and, if necessary, recall information.

You can select to always require a serial number on an item or make it optional – this can be selected by item or classification level. You could have the category of Computers and require that the serial number is entered every time an item from this category is sold or returned. This feature can be used to provide additional security on these items by requiring a serial number be entered when sold or returned.

Promotional Message Image

Have you been using the promotional message area on your customer receipts to provide advertising or discounts directly on your receipts? You can now add an image into the promotional message. The image can be uploaded, either from POS or CAS in JPG, BMP and PNG formats.

Fire up your creative marketing juices to come up with a creative image to get your customers to be encouraged to come back for more.

In Store Credit Pay Mode

Users can now use Store Credit as an option of payment. Practical uses include using store credit on returned purchases in place of using gift cards or for the regular corporate customers picking up supplies and paying their corporate account on a monthly basis (this must still be tracked/maintained off system, as this feature only makes available the payment option).

Decimal POS - Code Update

Our decimal application (which allows for quantity to be in decimal numbers – such as when you weigh items (produce/meats) or sell in bulk (grains/teas) is now integrated into our application so that all enhancements are available to those using the decimal feature.

Add Tax Option of applying tax over amount

To accommodate sales tax agencies that tax items over a certain dollar amount, our system now has the option to apply tax to allow for this tax option.