Release Notes for POS 4.3

Loyalty Program

Have you wanted to offer rewards to your best customers, now you have a loyalty program integrated into your POS. The loyalty program will allow you to award points for money spent or for units purchased. Award any point-to-dollar ratio you'd like.


Example 1: frequency based - 1 free after 8th purchase – such as used in espresso bars

Example 2: Dollar amount spent - $200 in sales awards a $10% discount




Cash Payout Feature

Sometimes your business needs to take money from the cash register, but it’s not for a sales transaction – no inventory is sold, such as for paying out on a winning lotto ticket. The Cash Payout feature lets you specify a customized label for the payout to help you keep a record of what occurred. The new payout label name appears on your Daily Sales Report.




Sales Person Percent

Business that keep track of sales made by employees can enable the option on the POS. The cashier can select which employee the sale is attributed to from all clocked in employees and you can select one or more employees, giving 100% of the sale to one employee or splitting the sale among multiple employees. The sales person report is available on CAS.




Quick Pick Feature Enhanced

The Quick Pick feature has been enhanced to display items from an additional level. This works great for a retail business with a style with multiple colors or sizes. This helps display the quick picks with the specific items that the customer is interested in.




Tips and Tip Reporting

Retail businesses that accept tips can now collect the tips on the POS system (for credit card transactions). When the tip feature is enabled, the credit card receipt will have a line for tip and the cashier can adjust the payment amount to include tip. A report is available on CAS



Ignore Lead Zeros on UPC

With this feature enabled, the POS will strip the lead zeros from the read bar coded value. This is helpful when item ID's and UPC's have been entered into the database without lead zeros - with this enabled only the numeric entries are read. An Example: the UPC is 0088899994678 on the product barcode label and the UPC is saved in the system as 88899994678. Instead of the system saying "Item not found", it will search for just 88899994678 and bring up the item to complete the sale.





Customize the desktop POS

Get your logo known and identified by your merchant database by getting the desktop POS customized with your logo. Easy and inexpensive way to provide a white label solution. Great way to get started with converting your merchants from a basic swipe terminal to enjoying the benefits of sales and inventory tracking – and eventually moving on to using features such as CRM and supply chain management.