Release Notes CAS 3.7.6

Release Notes CAS 3.7.6

New Payment Gateway option – Paygistix

Please welcome our newest Payment Gateway – PAYGISTIX. This gateway provides an integrated solution for retail swipe, pin debit, as well as signature capture. Pricing cannot be beat!


Utilities – Receiving Import

Receiving of merchandise can now be done for multiple vendors using the same import file. This will speed up the process if you receive merchandise from multiple vendors at the same time.  Separate receiving transaction numbers will be generated for each vendor as well as a separate receipt.

This is especially useful for a new merchant entering in inventory numbers from many suppliers at once!


QSR – Quick Service Restaurant

The application can be converted to a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) application and handle groups of items (rye bread, jack cheese, ham, mustard) for create the finished product. This will be great for everyone from sandwich shops to your local ice cream shop. 


Transaction Receipts – Additional Options

You can now pull up past transaction receipts by entering the UPC or item ID. This was developed based on a customer request. They would have products returned without a receipt and not know what price to credit. This will now allow them to display all sales of that item to help locate the particular sales receipt.


Inventory - Adjustments

On full reconciliation of inventory (adjustment), the limitation on number of items in the store has now been removed.


Price Book - Modifications

The size limitation on items in price books has now been removed so you can now modify price books with up to 999 items.


Loyalty Program - Tablet Application Only

A loyalty program has been added  (available on the tablet application only). Set up your point criteria and redemption awards and you are all set to get your first customers enrolled.