Transaction - Verify ID Prompt

With ID verification, the cashier will be prompted to check the customer's age when they purchase items such as alcohol, cigarettes, or vape products.

When the transaction is rung up, a prompt is displayed for the cashier to check ID;  it requires the cashier to either scan a drivers license, indicate what of type id was viewed to check age, to mark the transaction as Not Needed (customer appeared to be over 27), or to cancel. When a license is scanned, it will display the date of birth and the DL # in the panel for the cashier to review. The method of verification, if any, is stored with the transaction record and can be produced as needed

The System Admin sets up the ID Verification prompt on CAS and selects which Classification (Department, Category, Subcategory) they want flagged. Once the flag is set, every item in that classification will prompt with the message shown on the right, from the POS's sales transaction screen.