Loyalty Program


The loyalty program will allow you to award points for money spent or for units purchased. Award any point-to-dollar ratio you'd like.

On CAS, set up for the loyalty program is under the integration tab of the configuration menu. By default the program will be disabled. If disabled no points totals will be displayed on the emailed or printed receipts.

If you do not see this feature, please upgrade to the Grow or Pro version

The loyalty program is available on the tablet

The loyalty program is available on WinPOS

Rules for accumulating points (CAS)

Business owners set how many points will be assigned per x dollars or per x items of a specific item or at a category level. They can do one, both or a combination of both. The rules will be applied to all transactions.

Note: Points will be earned based on net dollar/items, not including tax. Refunds will reduce the point calculations.


Rules for redemption (CAS)

There is a slider to indicate if the redemption is for merchandise or for a cash reward (the highlighted ones, is the one selected).

After selecting the slider, the user will enter the points for the award and the Item ID (or category) or the Cash amount as applicable.

There is an option for 3 redemption programs

The redemption must apply to a single item, as you will apply the discount to an item, not to the entire transaction.


Transaction Flow for the Loyalty Program

Earning Points

Identifying the customer

a) Via the customer provided data

b) Via the card number


A typical transaction consists of a cashier assigning a customer by searching for the email address, name or phone number and then processing the transaction, and points earned are then added to the customer totals.


If the customer has not been selected and a credit card is used, the points will be added to that record (based on the credit card used). If more than one record exists a popup box is displayed asking them if they are Joe or Mike. If no existing record exists a popup box is displayed asking if the customer would like to be added to the loyalty program at which time the cashier is navigated to the add customer screen and the information is added and the points accumulated.


How to /wiki/spaces/FAQ/pages/39092226 to be used to get the discount at the sale and to reduce the point total for the customer


Redeeming Points

The customer must indicate to the cashier that points are to be redeemed, and when the transaction is processed the loyalty redemption code is selected.  The points needed for redemption will be validated at this time against the customers total and then decremented upon conclusion of the transaction. If the validation is for a specific item or category that validation should occur here as well.


Customer Lookup

The customer screens on the Tablet POS application shows the loyalty points. Also when you add the customer to a sales transaction their current points are displayed on the sales screen



A report is available on CAS, under the Customer Tab called Loyalty Program. Report. It applies to an enterprise level, current only data. The report shows:

Customer Name, Customer #, Current Points, Points redeemed (cumulative), Date of  last sale.


Customer points are also available on each customer record on CAS