This screen is where items are setup to be sold as whole. You add a Package Item and add your items that will go in the package.


Prior to assigning the ItemID's and quantities that make up a package, the items that make up the contents of the package as well as package item must be created. First from the create Master Item Screen create the Package, this is done by creating a new item UPC, and for Item Type selecting "Package Item", and saving the package item.

Manufactured Item: Here you enter the item that is going to be sold as a whole

Material Items: Here you enter the items that are going to make your manufactured item whole so you can sell it.

Item ID: Select the 

Description:  This will auto populate once you select your item from the Item lookup.

Select the Quantity of the Item ID that are in the package.

Click on Save to create the Manufactured Item.


Note: Now when the Manufactured item is rang up for sale the system knows that it should remove quantities you added without you having to add each item individually to the sale. So that Admin knows how much inventory they have left.