Initiate Adjustment


The user adjusts the quantity of the inventory by selecting a venue and a source from drop down boxes. The user must provide remarks and item UPCS and their final quantities. The user can then select to adjust inventory. If the user wants to see an adjustment already made he enters the venue and source and clicks show inventory adjustment.


User provides the Venue and the store under the venue where the adjustment has to be made.Then provides the remarks for the adjustments. After that selects the items to be adjustment and then pulls the report.

There are three ways to do Inventory Adjustment. You can do Standard Adjustment, Financial Reconciliation and Negative Quantity Reset.

The Standard Adjustment option in this page, when a user enables this option by selecting items that are going to be adjusted. You can select them by searching the item lookup of typing the UPC/ItemID. Then enter the final quantity, then the CAS will adjust according to what you have in your Inventory Balance Report. 

There is a Full Reconciliation option in this page, when a user enables this option by checking it all the items that are in the store inventory balance report are assumed to be reconciled. The items entered will be adjusted to the specified levels and all other items will be adjusted to quantity 0. This is used when you wish to perform a full store inventory reconciliation. If you are clearing out all inventory and leaving no items in the venue or store, check the Full Reconciliation box, and enter one of the items with a "0" quantity, that will "zero out" all inventory.

There is a Negative Quantity Reset option in this page, when a user enables this option so that all of his negative quantity QOH will get reset back to zero. This is useful for a merchant that started not wanting to track inventory but now wants to the can do this and everything negative will go back to Zero, now they can start fresh receiving all the merchandise and keeping track of what is sold and how much do they have in stock.

Note: Full reconciliation from the initiate adjustment UI can be done for Stores or Warehouses. If you need to adjust large quantities of inventory please use the import function.


Note: If a modification is made to an item, after an adjustment is initiated and before it has been committed, the adjustment will be made reflecting the new data and will differ from the initiate receipt. Thus the adjustment may be different from what was initiated.

If the inventory adjustment is for always serialized items, the serial numbers of the remaining items need to be entered when you are initiating the inventory adjustment

Bug Reporting

The Initiate Adjustment screen has the Report a Bug button. This button is for the user to report an error they have received. The user must recreate the error so it can be captured, and then the relevant logs are emailed to the support staff. The process is for the user to press the Report a Bug button. You know the report a bug is activated when a pop up message appears stating that Report a Bug is activated. This will create enhanced logs and the user would then replicate the error. When the error occurs, the logs are sent to the support staff for review.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers may initiate manual sales settings at Venues or Store assigned to them.