Commit Merchandise Transfers


To complete the transfer transaction, it must be committed once it is initiated. The user selects the transaction number, and the list of Item UPCs and their quantities and bin locations should be automatically generated. The user must enter in the status and the reason to commit. Once the user clicks transfer the transaction is committed and therefore completed or closed.  A Merchandise Transfer Receipt will display below, and can be printed. The upper left corner of screen should display a message (Example: merchandise transfer committed for 2011/2/521) confirming the transfer. This quantity of items will now be taken out of the source and put into the destination.

To error out a transfer, select the Status "Error" option from the drop down menu. The message at the top of the page will read the transaction number has been canceled. This error receipt can be reprinted from the Reprint Transfer Receipt tab.


When you initiate a transfer , the inventory is removed from the source store or warehouse, it is not added to the destination store until the transfer is committed; if you error the transfer instead of committing it the inventory is returned to the source store or warehouse.


Commit Button: When the commit button is pressed the user is asked if they want to use new cost or old cost. This gives them the option of selecting the calculation of cost basis for the transferred items which will be applied if a change to the cost of the inventory was made between initiating the transfer and committing it, such as a modifying the original receiving. If the user selects "Yes" the cost on the transferred items will be the cost at the time of the commit for all of the items. If the user selects "No" the cost on the transferred items will be that at the time of the transfer and all remaining items will absorb the change in cost associated with any adjustment made. Selecting "No" often results in odd cost prices on some items to balance the cost adjustment. User can reference the "Item Look Up" Report to see the new cost so that they know what cost is now being applied to the items. 

Bin Location: This is the bin location that the item will be placed in. The bins created for this location will be displayed, if the user needs to create a new bin that can also be done from the screen (When the user presses the 2 dots next to Bin location)

Note: If a modification is made to an item, after the transfer is initiated and before it has been committed, the transfer will be made reflecting the new data and will differ from the initiate receipt. Thus the item may be different from what was initiated.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers may commit transfers at Venues or Store assigned to them.