CAS - Fixed Quantity


The user has the ability to set an automated purchase order based on the reorder level for each item and have the ability to set different reorder levels for each item at their stores. Whatever the reorder level is set to for the item at the store the system would create a store or purchase order at the users request that would bring all items below the reorder level and update them to balance to the reorder level.

When Item Reorder level and Reorder Level Settings is set to Fixed Quantity then whenever an item falls below the Minimum Level setting specified in the Master item screen or as modified in the Reorder Level Settings the item will be displayed in the Reorder Level Report.  For example If an item was set for a minimum level of 6 and a maximum level of 20, once the Quantity on Hand drops below that minimum level the Reorder Report will recommend an order that is equal to the difference between the maximum and minimum level.

The Reorder report will adjust its recommended order to ensure that the quantity ordered complies with lot size multiplier and also is not below the minimum order entered for the item.


The Reorder Level could be set universally in the Master Item Screen or can be customized for a Venue or Store at the Reorder Level Settings.


Minimum Level is the Point at which Inventory should be replenished

Maximum Level is the optimum stock level which should not be exceeded

Lot size multiplier will be the multiple of the order (12, 144 etc)

Minimum Order is the minimum quantity that can be ordered

Alert Condition

When setting up these fields :

The quantity ordered must be matching to the Lot Size Mutilpier and cannot be less than the Minimum order

Reorder Level Item Import