POS Updater

Procedure for updating the POS Application

  1. From the  Start tab on your computer, click on >Programs>retailcloud Pos Application>POS Updater
  2. The POS Updater will appear, press start to accept the update. The  completed line will indicate status of the download. 



  •  Update request will be sent to the CAS
  • CAS will verify the following :

        - Upgrade Licence

        - Version

The POS version will be validated with the CAS and the current POS version and if this version is greater than the POS version then the following details will be sent to the connected POS via jms : POSGUI.jar , SQL File , Images.

Files will be copied to C:\retailcloud\POSSystems\updater folder.It will replace the current POSGUI.jar with the new jar which was downloaded from CAS. If the sql command is loaded in the posupdate.sql file then these commands will be run on the pos database. If images have been uploaded in the posudate.zip file in CAS version then images will be copied to the C:\retailcloud\POSSystems\res\images.