POS not getting any Data from CAS


Merchant says that they made a change on CAS but its not reflecting on the POS


Determine what is causing the breakdown in the communication. These steps help you troubleshoot this issue

  1. Verify that there is only 1 register using that RegID (multiple registers would mean that the CAS jms messages are being consumed by another Register).
  2. Check system properties to see if POS is pointed to the correct server (3 areas to check on the systems property file)
  3. On the POS, check to see if the POS is in Standalone mode (POS - Configuration - Application Settings)
  4. On the POS, check to see if messages are pushing from the POS to CAS (POS - Configuration - Application Settings)
  5. Modify an item on CAS (such as make a minor change to an existing item - change the name of the item from "Oakland As novelty bat" to "Oakl As novelty bat" - verify that the change is reflected on the item on the sales transaction screen on the POS
  6. Have a retailcloud support expert verify whether there are pending messages building up on the backend which are waiting to send to that POS (we would need to k now the register ID).