Changing DNS address


We have seen customers unable to log into CAS due to their IP address being blocked by Chrome


Verify that the IP address can be pinged and if it can, then change the DNS address to one that is not blocked. Follow the steps below.

  1. Find out what your IP Address is: from google type "my IP Address" - it will display your IP address, 
  2. Ping your IP address to make sure that you are getting information. The process to ping it will vary depending on OS -
    1. from the windows command line type: ping XXX:XX:XXX (the IP address you got above). it should return with information that you will be able to tell if you are able to get information
      1. If not able to ping - have your IT tech connect you
      2. If able to ping - then the DNS address is blocked and you will need to change your DNS address
  3. How to change DNS Address:
    1. Use the above link (again the process will be different depending on your OS) - it will walk you through the steps to change your DNS address to a Google public DNS address


An additional site: