How to set up "Everything else"

Set up the back end:



Familiarity with the reports available including the following:

  • Inventory Reports
      • Inventory Balances
      • Bestseller Lists
    • Inventory Transaction Reports
      • Inventory Write-offs and Adjustments
      • Receiving Journal
      • Merchandise Transfers
      • Merchandise Receipts
    • Sales Reports
      • Real Time Sales
      • Periodic Sales
    • Sales Analysis Reports

Adding a promotional message to sales receipts

Enable Go Green digital receipts

Adding an email alert

Create a variable priced item

Create a variable percent discount

Enable layaway/Prepaid

Add a disclaimer to a sub category

The POS - Most How To's (as set up is now complete)

Download a POS

Clock in/out

Sell a variable priced item

Add a customer

Email a receipt

Put an item on Layaway

Do a sales transaction with a multi item discount

Receive inventory

Add a new item

You have a broken item, take it out of inventory

Run a Z Report

Run a ZZ Report