retailcloud JWS Installation

Installer ReadMe:

1. Start you Installer [Double Click]

- Please read and understand every screen before proceeding.

2. Click "Next to Continue".

3. License Agreement

- Read the entire License Agreement and click "I Agree" to accept the Terms and proceed.

4. Type of Installation

- Select Fresh Installation when installing the POS Application on a brand new Unit.

5. Java Installation

- Your Java installation will now begin, the installer will Download and Install Java to your Unit.

6. Java Setup - Welcome

- Click Next to begin installation of Java.

7. Java Setup - Complete

- You have installed Java, please click Close to proceed.

8. The POS Installer will check if Java has been installed properly, click "OK" to proceed.

9. MySQL Installation

- MySQL Installer will now begin.

10. MySQL Server 5.1 - Setup Wizard

- Click "Next" to proceed.

11. Please Read and Understand the MySQL License Agreement, once ready select "I Accept..." and click "Next".

12. MySQL Setup Type

- Please select "Typical" [By Default] and click "Next".

13. MySQL Setup will display the install directories, click "Install" to proceed.

14. MySQL Enterprise, click "Next" to continue.

15. MySQL Enterprise 2, click "Next" to continue.

16. MySQL Setup - Finish

- Be sure to check "Configure the MySQL Server Now" box upon completeing the installation and click "Finish".

17. MySQL Configuration Wizard, click "Next to Proceed".

18. Select "Standard Configuration" and click "Next".

19. Check the box for "Install As Windows Service", service name should be "MySQL", and "Launch the MySQL Server Automatically" should be checked as well.

20. Enter in the root password you would like use, please keep this handy and secure as this password is very important.

21. POS Software Installation

- Enter the Username: root and Password: (what you entered configuring MySQL).

23. Install should complete and now where you double-click the POS System the Download Screen should now be present.