POS 4.00.25 Release (PADSS Compliant)

Payment Gateways

Open Gateways:  ZIVO, STS

Switched Gateways: Authorize.Net, TSYS, eProcessing Network, TGate

Mobile enable

Executable Version 4.00.25

Release Notes:

The following are the release notes for POS 4.00.25

NOTE: minimum Java version 1.6

Multiple Suspended Transactions

The application how has the ability to suspend multiple transactions on the POS for the instances when many customers are in various stages of completing their sales transactions. The system will suspend the current transaction and allow for a new (or resumed) transaction to be completed and later the cashier can return to the sale.

This enhancement helps the cashiers deal with multiple sales at once.

Receiving Merchandise from the POS

Inventory can now be received directly from the POS, making it so the retailer does not need to access the CAS to receive merchandise. This allows for an added option of convenience to receive inventory.

Receiving – Ability to add items

As part of the enhancement of adding inventory at the POS, new items can also be created as part of the receiving process for ease of function. This allows for the retailer to not only add inventory for existing items, but to also quickly add new items to the system during the process.

Customers with lead zeroes in zip are correctly saved

The system will now retain the lead zero in a zip code beginning in a zero.

New Multiple Item Discount 

In additional to discounts and coupons the merchant can now offer other types of promotions – such as buy 3 for $20.00. If sold individually, the items sell at the normal price, if 3 are sold they would be at the promotional price. The group of items to include in the promotion will be defined on the CAS and must originate from the same department or category. The minimum cost of an item to include in the promotion can be set, so as not include inventory that should not be part of the discounts.

Add Item from Sales Transaction Screen– now also add opening Quantity

When a new item is added from the sales transaction screen, the user can also add the opening quantity from the same screen. This will save time when the new inventory is received that has not been entered into the sysyem yet.

Item lookup – now in alpha order

The item look up on the sales transaction screen now displays the drop down options in alpha order.

Executable Folder Name

The folder name with the executable has been renamed to “retailcloud”, in order to better reflect the name associated with the application.