Sample Layaway Disclaimers

Sample Layaway Disclaimers:

Sample #1

  • Layaway deposit - 20% of total balance at time of layaway
  • Layaways will be held for 90 days - Monthly payments required
  • 20% fee for all canceled layaways - $10.00 minimum,   Remaining balance given as a store credit.  Person initiating layaway must be the same person picking up layaway.


Sample #2


With our layaway program, there are no fees, and deposits are 100% refundable. All layaways require a minimum deposit of 25% of the purchase price, with 30 days to pay the balance and pick up. Layaways that have reached 30 days will be cancelled; the item(s) released and the deposit will be placed as a fully refundable credit on account in your name. Some items may not be available for layaway.

Sample #3

25% down payment on all layaway

50% of balance after down payment due within 30 days and the remaining 50% of balance due within 60 days.

If the payment is not made within this allotted period following the due date:

1. The transaction will be closed.

2. The item(s) will be returned to stock.

3. The customer forfeits the down payment and any payments made toward the layaway purchase.