POS - Prepaid Payments

Payments on a Prepaid Account

Prepaid Payments

When a customer wants to make payments on their Prepaid Account (assuming that they have already made their first initial deposit/payment), this will be done on the POS from the Transactions>Prepaid tab.

The Customer must first be identified, using the Customer Find button. 

The Prepaid Transactions for the customer which are active will be available to be selected from the drop down. Select the transaction that they would like to make a payment on.

Enter the amount of the payment 

Enter any comments regarding the transaction

PAY is selected if this will be a partial payment (balance will still be due)

FULL PAY is selected if this transaction will be to pay off the balance on the Prepaid item.

CANCEL is selected if this transaction is to Cancel the Prepaid Account - this cannot be reversed. No future payments can be made. If the Cancellation was in error, a new Prepaid Transaction must be created. If the transaction is cancelled it will have to be subject to the cancellation rules set in the configuration and a receipt would have to be printed for the customer to sign.