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 The following is the script to be used for completing the Reseller Certification. Once you are ready for certification (required training and webinars have been completed), please contact retailcloud at support@retailcloudcoud. We will provide you with the domain information which you will build your merchant domain on. Using this domain, complete the set up/boarding as per the attached script including a download of a device with the retailcloud application (either desktop or tablet - select whichever will be your expected initial hardware emphasis). 

Once you have completed the self directed certification, notify and we will review the certification and notify you via email of your status. 


Your Demo account:

System admin:

SA Password:

Domain Name:
Domain #:

# of licenses:




Please complete the following:

Set up the back end:



Familiarity with the reports available including the following (save the pdf for 3 reports – which have data)

    • Inventory Reports
        • Inventory Balances
        • Bestseller Lists
      • Inventory Transaction Reports
        • Inventory Write-offs and Adjustments
        • Receiving Journal
        • Merchandise Transfers
        • Merchandise Receipts
      • Sales Reports
        • Real Time Sales
        • Periodic Sales
      • Sales Analysis Reports

Add a promotional message to sales receipts

Enable Go Green digital receipts

Add an email alert

Create a variable priced item

Create a variable percent discount

Enable layaway/Prepaid

Add a disclaimer to a sub category


Part 2 The POS

Download a POS

Clock in/out

Sell a variable priced item

Add a customer

Email a receipt

Put an item on Layaway

Do a sales transaction with a multi item discount

Receive inventory

Add a new item

You have a broken item, take it out of inventory

Run a Z Report

Run a ZZ Report


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