Creating a Warehouse


The warehouse is typically used for enterprises with multiple locations. This allows for inventory to be received to a central place and then transferred to each store. Typically a single store location will receive their inventory directly to the store and not use a warehouse. 

When you establish a warehouse, you assign it to a venue and a warehouse manager. A warehouse may only be assigned to one venue or region, and a venue or region can only have one warehouses assigned to it.




Each warehouse must have its own unique Name. This will show up in all reports and filters so you should name them carefully. If you try to create a warehouse with an existing name a popup will displayed asking you to confirm this activity.

Each warehouse must be assigned to a Venue from the drop down. If you do not see the venue that this warehouse is to be assigned to you will need to create a venue.

Each warehouse must be assigned to an Administrative Employee who has a Warehouse Manager role. If you have not already created an employee  with this role you must do so first. The Warehouse Manager that is assigned to this warehouse may be modified at any time.

If you wish to enable Remote Printing check this remote printing support box. Remote printing allows for store orders to be sent directly to the warehouse printer.

Enter the IP address that the remote printer will be connected to in Warehouse Printer IP. This has to be a public static IP address   

The Warehouse Printer Share Name will be the name that the printer on the network.  Network printer names are a combination of the name of the server (computer) they're attached to and the "share" name of the printer (the name an administrator gave the printer when it was created and shared). The name looks like this: \\server-name\printer-name.  .

The Warehouse Printer Port is


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting and warehouse general managers may modify warehouse settings at Venues or Store assigned to them.