Multiple Item Discount


The multiple item discount allows you to sell more of an item and give your customers greater sales as they purchase more.This is an easy to implement way to create a discount promotion using the classifications and attributes you have in place. 

The discount can be set as a per item price or a discount %, and you can have up to 50 different quantity discounts.

The discount can be applied to any department, category or sub category (or any attribute, such as brand, color, style, etc or by vendor/supplier). All items in the classification/attribute can be sold at the discount. You are able to exclude items within that classification/attribute that have a cost greater than the amount you specify in the set up.


2 for 20% off, 6 for 30% off, and 12 for 40% off


2 for $20   5 for $45     10 for $75


Enter the To and From Dates that the discount will be in effect for. It is recommended that if the discount is ongoing, pick an annual date that all ongoing discounts terminate, so that you can review their impact annually, and eliminate discounts that are no longer applicable. (Discount created with a higher date than 12/31/2037, will revert to a default setting and will not be able to be viewed on the POS, please verify dates when creating discounts). 

Date range should exceed same day - entering the same start date and end date will not allow the discount to be in effect.

Click on Save to create the Discount Structure.

This discount will apply automatically at the sales screen.



Decimal quantities are not allowed when trying to use Multiple Item Discount, if entered it will round to the nearest whole number.